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Studies show that 26% of the population bite their nails. You are certainly not alone if you want to kick the habit.

1. Your Hands Can Make A Great Impression

The first impression is formed within the blink of an eye and it's difficult to correct.

Your hands are your business card for your personal hygiene and your self-worth. Thus, whether in everyday life, on the first date, customer meeting, or job interview, you can promote a positive impression with the right hand and nail care.

2. It Can Spoil Your Smile

Chronic nail biting can cause your teeth to shift out of place, chip, and trigger the gum diseases gingivitis.

Over time, nail biting can even cause receding lower jaw.

3. It Can Make You Sick.

Think of every single thing you touch during your day, from doorknobs to toilets. Germs can live on these surfaces for hours, so when you stick your hands in your mouth, you're exposing yourself to cold and flu viruses, or even serious illnesses like hepatitis.

4. It Can Cause Bad Breath.

The act of nail biting will bring the bacteria hidden in the nails directly into the mouth, allowing the bacteria to stay and multiply in the mouth, which will easily lead to gum disease and bad breath.

5. BriX™ Makes It Easy To Quit

You don’t just stop biting your nails on your own. BriX™ offers you the solution using the BriX™ pen and the free to download BriX™-app.

Research among BriX™ users (source: Ipsos study 2020) has shown that 91% no longer bite their nails after 1 week.